A Message From Our Co-Founders

As third generation diamond and jewellery insiders, we never understood why the industry is steeped in so much mystery, complexity and excessive retail markups, making it difficult for buyers to know if they're getting fair value. We concluded it was time to disrupt traditional industry practices with a modern, fresh and transparent approach to shopping for diamonds and jewellery. That’s how Diamonds Direct was born.

Diamonds Direct sources diamonds directly from the cutting and polishing manufacturers and cuts out traditional retail costs (like store rent). By circumventing the antiquated jewellery retail process, Diamonds Direct helps customers avoid inflated retail markups, leaving you with the quality diamonds and jewellery you deserve at a fair price. In addition to fair pricing, Diamonds Direct only uses REAL gold and diamonds in its jewellery, ensuring that you don’t sacrifice on quality.

We’re on a mission to demystify the traditional diamond and jewellery industry by removing huge retail markups and making diamonds and jewellery fresh, affordable and transparent. Welcome to the revolutionary world of Diamonds Direct, where we look forward to saving you money on exceptional quality diamonds and jewellery.