Since we all know love isn’t cancelled, how do you change your wedding plans to ensure the safety of your guests?

Here are some ideas:

Party Favours

Instead of handing out personalized jam jars, 2020 weddings may be the year for personalized masks and hand sanitizers. Despite COVID being a very serious issue, we need to find ways to still live our lives and make light of the worst of it! 

Live Stream Your Wedding

For those that cannot attend, or those you had to cut to make the guest count legal, you can live stream the ceremony and dance party and still have them feel involved. How? You can send party packages to each of those guests with a bottle of personalized wine, a playlist of songs that you will have running and some wedding cake they can enjoy at home while live streaming. 

Less Drink Line Ups More Servers

Instead of the dreary wait at a typical open bar, there are options now to have more mask-wearing servers takings orders from your seats, or, digital orders from table ipads! One of the great things about COVID happening in 2020 is that we don’t lack the technology to make things happen! 

Dance Pods:

We’ve all heard of silent dance parties, but what about distant dance parties? A new trend is to have dance pods set up so that you and a few others can dance closer to one another without dancing close to everyone invited! Don’t worry, these look very cool and trendy!  

When planning a COVID wedding, don’t worry about being confined to norms, COVID has changed the game rules on everything now so you are free to do this how you want (without your mother-in-law telling you what to do!) 

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