Over the years we have mastered the technique of cleaning jewellery – whether it be cleaning diamond jewellery, simple gold jewellery we have the perfect techniques for maintaining their sparkle at home or on the go!

Cleaning Diamond Jewellery

The reason your diamonds may look dull and lackluster as compared to when you bought it is probably just because it’s dirty. It’s very easy for diamonds to pick up your skin’s oils, creams and fingerprints on the diamonds and between the prongs. This gives your diamonds a hazy look – definitely not something we desire.

 To clean your diamond jewellery, we suggest taking a very soft bristled toothbrush, a bowl and dish soap (preferably Dawn). Put a few drops of dish soap into your bowl and fill it with warm water. Let your ring sit for a few minutes up to 10-15 minutes in the bowl. After that, use your soft toothbrush to get into all the crevice’s and prongs of the ring. Once complete, rinse it under some luke warm water. Make sure to remember to cover the drain!

Cleaning Gold Jewellery

Cleaning gold jewellery depends on whether you have white gold or yellow/rose gold. 

 White Gold: White gold will require the occasional rhodium plating to maintain its white shiny look. You can still clean it at home, but its white sparkle comes from a white plating that a jeweller can perform. I would, however, recommend you rhodium plate no more than once a year, preferably every two years so we avoid thinning of the shank! 

 Yellow or Rose Gold: These gold colours occur naturally which means they won’t lose their radiance over time but you still want to give them a bath every now and then! 

 To clean all gold jewellery, we recommend putting a few drops of dish soap in a bowl with warm (not hot) water and letting it soak for 10-15 minutes and then rinsing with warm water over a covered drain and towel or air drying

Dazzle stik

If you’re lazy, like myself, I suggest taking a look at our Dazzle Stik! This cleans all diamond and gold jewellery to perfection! It has a very soft bristle with a gel that gets between all the crevices of your jewellery. Sometimes the creams we wear, or dirt gets trapped between jewellery claws and it’s so challenging to rid of. The Dazzle Stik makes this so easy. I keep one in my purse so my jewellery always looks sparkly clean!

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