Diamonds Direct is committed to providing you with the care your diamond and engagement ring deserve.

Diamond Protection

We protect your diamond for life with our lifetime diamond protection promise. If you chip, crack, or lose your diamond as a result of a manufacturer defect with your engagement ring, on a one-time basis we will replace your diamond for free*. Additional terms apply below.

Engagement Ring Protection

We protect your engagement ring for 2 years against any manufacturer defects.

Ring Spa Treatment For Life 

Bring your ring into one of our Diamonds Direct showrooms and treat yourself to our complimentary ring spa treatment (with Diamonds Direct you gain access to free ring spa cleaning treatment for life).

Upgrade Opportunities

When you buy a natural mined diamond from Diamonds Direct, you gain access to exclusive upgrade opportunities. Bring your diamond back at any time and receive 100% of your initial diamond purchase towards the purchase of a new diamond. The new diamond must be at least 50% greater in value than your initial total purchase price of your diamond and engagement ring. By way of example, if you purchased a $5,000 diamond together with a $1,500 engagement ring for a total purchase price of $6,500, you could bring the diamond back after one year and receive $5,000 back to be used towards a loose diamond with a price of at least $9,750. We don't currently offer upgrades on lab-grown diamonds.


Upon request, all of our diamonds and engagement rings come with a free certified appraisal that can be used for insurance.

30-Day Full Refunds

You can return your diamond for up to 30-days after purchase. You can return your engagement ring, wedding band or jewellery item for up to 30-days after purchase provided such items were not custom orders.

60-Day Diamond & Ring Exchange

If you're not happy with your ring design, no problem. You can exchange your diamond or ring for up to 60-days after purchase! If your engagement ring was a custom order and not from stock, this policy does not apply.

Unlock the VIP benefits 

Once you purchase your diamond from Diamonds Direct, you become a VIP for life. As a VIP, you gain access to  exclusive offers, sales and VIP events.

*In order for diamond loss protection outlined above to apply, you must have your engagement ring and diamond examined at a Diamonds Direct showroom at least once annually. Normal wear and tear that results in a loss and diamonds 2.0 carats and over are not covered under this policy. If you lose your diamond and believe it was as a result of a manufacturer defect, Diamonds Direct reserves the right to examine your engagement ring and to determine in its sole discretion if the loss of your diamond was as a result of a manufacturer defect. A final decision with respect to whether or not Diamonds Direct is obliged to replace your diamond under the above-noted policy is within the sole discretion of Diamonds Direct. A replacement stone may be of comparable specifications and of comparable value.